Failing to implement regulatory procedures that address threats such as criminal attacks, terrorism, hostage situations, natural disasters, or medical emergencies can expose your organisation to significant fines or damaging lawsuits.

It is your responsibility to ensure that everyone in your organisation is trained to detect threats and respond appropriately. Our experienced security team can provide guidance on the necessary measures to ensure compliance and safeguard individuals, from emergency evacuations to personal safety protocols.

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With a collective 200 years of experience in the special forces, police/law enforcement, medical, intelligence, and commercial market. This experience, combined with over 20 years of commitment to corporate security solutions, offers you a humble, trustworthy, and committed degree of expertise.

From risk assessments and evaluating training needs to advisory on contingency plans and emergency response, our security and intelligence consultants can help you design bulletproof security processes and help you employ them across your entire organisation.


Understanding the knowledge and skills gaps within your organization regarding security is crucial for fostering prepared, agile, and confident employees. Do your employees feel safe, valued, and empowered to voice their opinions? These are essential elements for a cohesive and effective team.

Blue Mountain Group helps you assess where those gaps are. We evaluate the risks within your organisation and analyse those at risk of being unprepared or poorly trained. This includes not only your security teams, but also non-security employees such as receptionists. Following our assessment, we’ll outline exactly what security training your organisation needs, for whom, and how often it should occur.

Our Training Needs Analysis empowers your teams, protects your organisation against future threats, and helps you manage training budgets. It also provides a high degree of governance.

Risk & Crisis Management

Whether your needs involve risk assessments, strategic advice, or on-the-ground services, our team is dedicated to helping you effectively manage the risks your organisation faces, regardless of their severity. Our bespoke security solutions not only ensure business continuity but also offer you peace of mind, knowing that the UK’s foremost security and intelligence specialists are identifying risks and proactively preventing threats to your organisation.

We specialise in preparing your personnel and teams to navigate risks and effectively address potential threats. Our crisis training programmes are conducted in a straightforward yet highly effective manner, enabling individuals and teams to learn and grow within a safe and supportive environment. Simplicity and clarity are fundamental principles in addressing any risk or crisis management challenge.

Contingency Planning

Our security and intelligence experts work closely with your key stakeholders and internal teams to help you develop processes, handbooks, and practical training to deal with a wide range of possible security threats. We help and guide you to ensure compliance and prepare for any event that might pose a risk to your property, people, or assets by designing protocols that equip your organisation with the tools, education, and skills they need to respond strategically in any situation. 

We address scenarios like hostage situations, acts of terrorism, criminal attacks, cyber-attacks, and natural disasters to help you develop specific evacuation, emergency response, and business recovery programmes.



Blue Mountain Group offers audit, investigation, and surveillance services to support your organisation in legal proceedings and safeguard against financial or physical threats. With a commitment to delivering results, we diligently craft comprehensive evidence reports to help you achieve your desired outcomes 

With our team’s collective experience spanning the special forces, police, military, and commercial sectors, we excel in customising our services to suit the precise requirements of your investigation, threat prevention, or surveillance operation, regardless of its scale or complexity.

Penetration Testing and Security Audits

Blue Mountain Group’s audit, investigation, and surveillance services support your organisation in providing evidence for court cases and protecting your company from financial or physical harm. We’re 100% results-driven and work hard to develop robust evidence reports that help you achieve your desired outcome.

We have over 200 years of collective experience in the special forces, police, military sectors, and commercial market enabling us to tailor our services, no matter the size or nature of your investigatory, threat prevention, or surveillance operation. 

Special Investigations AND Surveillance

Whether you’re investigating corporate fraud, theft, lawsuits, extortion, bullying, false allegations, or any other threat to your organisation, our highly-trained and experienced security and intelligence specialists can get you the answers you need.

Utilising first-class covert or overt surveillance and investigative techniques, our teams closely monitor an individual, asset, or facility suspected of being exploited in some way. We collaborate closely with you to gather evidence and deliver our findings.

For personal investigations such as stalking, infidelity, or missing persons, our experienced teams offer a hyper-confidential and compassionate approach, ensuring you feel comfortable at every stage of the investigation or surveillance operation.



Blue Mountain Group has teamed up with industry professionals Cybertec Group to provide first class cyber awareness training and consultancy. Cybertec is a group of security-cleared professionals passionate about improving cyber security. Founded in 2017, Cybertec Group Ltd provides Cyber Security Solutions to businesses from corporate to government. Our consultants are highly technical professionals having served within the UK’s military high-readiness units, holding UK security clearances, and benefit from a total of 140 years of experience.

5 reasons why enterprises need cyber security awareness training

“The knock-on effect of a data breach can be devastating for a company. When customers start to take their business – and their money – elsewhere, that can be a real body blow.” We provide a complete bespoke Cyber Security and Awareness Training Package for your business, delivered by our qualified GDPR practitioner.

Cyber Security and Data Protection Training.
Enable your employees to recognise and protect against cyber attacks with our complete Employee Cyber Awareness Training Package.

Protecting Individuals & Businesses is the ethos that Blue Mountain group is built upon


Equip your organisation with the tools, skills, and knowledge to ward off threats.

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