Almost every organisation will deal with messy lawsuits involving their employees or other corporations at some point

Legal cases can pose significant challenges and concerns for your organisation. Issues such as fraud, extortion, intellectual property theft, and even false personal injury claims can swiftly impact profits and tarnish your reputation.

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Security Manpower Provision

BMG operates in remote, hostile, and challenging environments, providing round-the-clock support through our international security support team. We monitor our missions closely to ensure the safety of our embedded personnel and enable our clients to operate securely during deployed contracts or planned operations. Leveraging our extensive professional network and trusted operators, we deliver highly responsive and cost-effective emergency management and response solutions 

Our current expertise allows us to provide services to the following sectors:

Close Protection

Close Protection Officers, commonly referred to as bodyguards, are highly trained and experienced security specialists dedicated to ensuring the safety of their clients. With expertise in dealing with various threats, they provide physical security and peace of mind to those they protect. At Blue Mountain Group, we prioritise quality and care, delivering an unrivalled professional service that enhances employability in the industry. Our qualified Close Protection Officers undergo extensive training to guarantee the highest level of protection. For a confidential consultation on how we can assist you, please contact us today.

Security chauffeur

At Blue Mountain Group, we embody humility, integrity, courage, and creativity as the driving forces behind our business. Our elite team of drivers delivers a globally renowned chauffeur service, setting the benchmark for excellence. With an unwavering commitment to providing a professional service, we’ve earned the trust of top-tier companies worldwide. Every journey is entrusted to our experienced, meticulously chosen drivers, ensuring the pinnacle of service, backed by comprehensive insurance and diligent vehicle maintenance. We prioritise convenience and a competitive pricing structure, constantly evolving our services to exceed client expectations. With profound pride, we offer an unrivalled global chauffeur service, epitomising excellence in every mile.

Safeguarding individuals and businesses is not just our mission — it's our unwavering commitment


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