Blue mountain is a consistent and reliable resource in the ever changing security world

Providing solutions to complex and hostile environments. Including everyday challenges, teaching life skills to individuals and businesses to travel and operate safely in your unique environments.



delivering high quality security solutions

We are a dedicated team of experts who thrive on developing long term, collaborative client partnerships that empower and energise your workforce.

Our instructors are drawn exclusively from former military, policing and other security related professions

Our team includes seasoned professionals from a range of specialist backgrounds in the military, police, analytics, intelligence, cyber forensics, legal, health & safety, and business; to provide a thorough, all-encompassing response to a range of risk analysis, crisis management, and business continuity challenges.

Soldier with a gun and equipment


of physical, cyber, and specialist security consultants allows Blue Mountain to provide coverage across the world.
Safeguarding individuals and businesses is not just our mission — it's our unwavering commitment
"I booked because of the helpful nature of the staff in answering questions and completing paperwork"
"One of the most highly rated courses available today "
"The course completely exceeded my expectations and was throughly enjoyed"
"After doing research online, I quickly realised this Was one of the better courses out there"
In a crowded market filled with choices, entrust us to leverage our extensive global operational experience to enhance your security skills

Blue Mountain Group is held in high regard in the security world, for creating a community of highly skilled security operatives. For unparalleled security and advisory services in crisis management or security operations, trust in our unwavering integrity and professionalism. We stand firm on our promises, delivering excellence every time.



for professional consultation and advice on your security, training and advisory needs
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