Health and safety law states that all company drivers require regular driver training. Employers should consider the risks to employees on the road in the same way as for those in a workplace. Our course was designed to improve your employees existing skills and knowledge and provide a solid foundation from which further on-going training can be provided to prevent potential accidents from occurring.  Resulting in a safer working space along with less time wasted in litigation and sick days.  The instructions and guidance we provide are based around the training acknowledged by the UK’s Emergency Services and RoSPA.  The course will be CPD accredited.

Course aims to provide an understanding of the following along with simple, effective, and necessary practical skills:

  1. European Goals for Driver Education (GDE)
    The GDE matrix is a European framework that sets out an expected and acceptable level of driver training to produce the safest drivers.
  2. RoSPA qualification
    This is the highest driving safety award recognised within the UK and approved by many insurance companies.  Instructors are Emergency Service driver/instructors and RoSPA instructor/examiners.  Using the tried and tested System of Vehicle Control provides the delegate/learner with a structured framework to take away with them and practice each time they drive a vehicle.

This course is designed in consultation with the client and their exact duty of care needs.  Please feel free to drop us a line or give us a call for a no-nonsense chat on your needs.  If we can help you create a safer working environment, we will.  If we are unable to, we will be honest and tell you.



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