Our EDD course is adrenaline packed and fun filled with an air of seriousness, depending on the client’s requirements.  This is the ultimate in security driver training or indeed in a corporate day out.  It is more than just driving skills, it is about finding out your limits (if you have any) testing you under controlled conditions and building you up throughout the day until the final exercises, where you will find out how good you really are.

The serious side comes for those clients who are going to work in environments where the skills taught may very likely come in to practice when being ambushed or require a quick get away from a check point or similar hostile situation.

Our instructors are from Police high pursuit backgrounds and UK Special Forces, so you are assured of being taught by some of the best in the business.  They are also very approachable and eager to pass on their life skills.

Course aims, but not limited to the following:

  • Reversing at speed
  • Y-turns
  • J-turns
  • Understanding braking systems in modern vehicles
  • Blind fold driving – in pairs
  • Rolling slalom
  • Check point scenarios – various challenges to push your limits

All course delegates/learners will receive a Blue Mountain EDD driving certificate, driving aid memoire along with various memorabilia to take away.  This course will be CPD accredited.

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