Delegates/learners will undertake driver training both theoretically and practically, to enable them to become a Security Chauffeur .  This is not a course to teach you how to clean the vehicle, this course teaches you ‘avoidance through awareness’.  You and your client are generally most vulnerable when you pick-up and drop off.  Being able to be switched on and identify the unusual requires training, knowledge, and then regular practice.  Until you know what you are looking for, you will never see it.  If you are a private chauffeur/driver or work for a large corporation, this course will enhance your skills and reputation.  Course covers, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Vehicle preparation (POWDERY checks
  • Introduction to cockpit drill
  • Introduction to system of car control
  • Risk assessments on the move (vehicle control, positioning, cornering, overtaking, multi-lane roads, driving in darkness)
  • Discussing attitudes and their effects
  • Eco driving
  • Driver development and RoSPA training, including:
    • Vehicle technology – ABS, electric, hi-bred
    • Spatial awareness
    • Personal security awareness – approach to vehicle/buildings/airports
    • Travel security awareness 
    • Road surface – changes of construction and colour
    • White paint – difference in meaning
    • Roadside furniture – how to understand road signs
    • Limit point analysis
    • Driving during hours of darkness
    • Introduction to road craft
  • Systematic search of vehicle (IED awareness)
  • Anti-surveillance training
  • Route selection
  • Pick up and set down procedures
  • Etiquette
  • Basic first aid awareness
  • RoSPA assessment – to include the below learning outcomes

The student will be able to demonstrate to an Instructor that their driving skills / knowledge have improved to an advanced level. 

This will include, but not limited to:

    • Understand/accept the reasons why we carry out Driver Training
    • Hazards – recognise all potential / hazardous situations and negotiate them using the System of Vehicle Control
    • Concentration/Observation/Anticipation – Demonstrate observational skills so that driving may be planned accordingly
    • Cornering – Demonstrate the four principles of safe cornering
    • Overtaking – Using the system of vehicle control
    • Use of speed – Always drive at a speed which is appropriate to the circumstances and be able to stop on your side of the carriageway within the distance you can see to be clear
    • Consideration and Courtesy – Demonstrate a high degree of consideration and courtesy to other road users – good attitude which extends further in to life than just behind the wheel of a vehicle
    • System of Vehicle Control – The purpose of the system of vehicle control is to prevent accidents by providing an approach to hazards which is safe, systematic, simple and applicable in all circumstances – 5 phases
      • Information
      • Position
      • Speed
      • Gear
      • Acceleration.

This is an intensive but fun course that has been designed, tried, tested and with regular updates to accommodate new vehicle types.  We have been running this type of Security Chauffeur course for over 20 years.  Duration two days with no RoSPA assessment, three days with RoSPA assessment.

Costs will vary on location, vehicle type, numbers to be trained.  Please drop us a line or give us a call for a no-nonsense chat on your needs.



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